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1MWh kontener


  • Model Number: CES-1KKD1KA
  • Capacity:1290KWH
  • Voltage Rage:672 ~ 864V
  • Size: 2991*2896*2438mm(10 Feet)
  • Product description: 1.29MW Container Energy Storage Battery ESS Integrated System Outdoor Energy Container 2MW Container Storage Energy System

Dostępność: na zamówienie

Czas dostawy:  do 60 dni


1.29MW Container Energy Storage Battery ESS Integrated System

1MW Energy Storage System is highly integrated with lithium battery, battery management system, PCS, grounding system, power distribution system, temperature control system and fire protection system. The AC voltage is 400VAC, which can provide peak and valley filling, grid frequency adjustment, power expansion and backup. Power supply and other functional services to help customers reduce electricity costs to the greatest extent. Recommended for industrial and commercial users, optical storage and charging support, super fast charging station support and other scenarios

ESS Container Storage Energy System Features

  • Standard 10feet container design, compact design, suitable for small user scenarios
  • 280Ah PACK+PACK level targeted fire + fan speed regulation
  • DC 1000V, 20 years of normal use
  • Main control cabinet, integrating DC confluence, power distribution, communication and control

1.29MW Outdoor Storage Energy System Parameters:


Item Name Container Energy Storage Battery1290
Cell Type


Rated Capacity (KWh) 1290.24
Battery Voltage Range (V) 672-864
System Parameters  
BMS 3 Grade
Size(mm) 2991*2896*2438 (10 Feet)
Weight(KG) 14T
IP Grade IP54
Operation Temperature Range -30°C ~ +50°C
Aux. Power Parameters 14KW-380V/50HZ
Fire Protection Aerosol S/ Heptafluoropropane / Perfluorohexanone
Installation Mode Outdoor Installation
System Communication Protocol Modbus TCP


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